This cozy session is without a doubt one of my favourites this year. We met at a local AirBnb. which was a welcome change given the snowstorm that was happening outside that day. Sarah & Josh were expecting their sweet Abby in just over a month and their excitement and love for that girl already was so obvious. I have known Josh for basically his entire life so it was sweet to see him settle into the role so easily. Sarah was a dream to work with and went along with all of my outfit changes and ideas.

This beautiful couple has since become a beautiful family of 3 and I may or may not have met Abby last week so keep your eyes peeled for her sweet face to pop up on here soon!

This was my first time working in an AirBnb and it was a perfect blank canvas for people who don't want to do their session in their own space. We are lucky enough to have a few great options in Smiths Falls and surrounding areas so if you are looking for a cozy indoor session let's chat!